Historic Results in Assistant Engineer-Overseer Kerala PSC Exams

Historic Results in Assistant Engineer-Overseer Kerala PSC Exams

Kerala PSC Published Ranked List of Major Civil Engineering Exams on First half of 2021. The published results was that of : Assistant Engineer- PWD, Assistant Engineer- Irrigation, Junior Technical Officer, Training Instructor- Civil and Overseer- Grade 3 in PWD/Irrigation Department. Civilianz earmarked the day for historic results ever a coaching center has made in the history of Kerala PSC Civil Engineering competitive exams. Results include First Ranks in Assistant Engineer- PWD, Assistant Engineer- Irrigation and Major ranks in Overseer Grade 3 examination. Read this article about historic results in AE-Overseer Exams and rank making strategy we adopted in these major exams.

Assistant Engineer – LSGD

Now we are in 2022 and here is the Legacy continues!!!

Heart filled congratulations to all those who made into the Rank list of Assistant Engineer LSGD Examination, Category No: 125/2020

  • 1 in 3 of every candidate in AE – LSGD Rank list is from CIVILIANZ
  • 6 Students included in top 20

Assistant EngineerPWD

Here is the list of winners from Civilianz in Assistant Engineer PWD Exam

AE-PWD Poster

This is the most prestigious job offer in Government sector for a B Tech Civil Engineering graduate as far as KPSC is concerned. Entry level gazetted rank will make this job glorious for young civil engineering job aspirants across the state. Civilianz started intensive coaching for Assistant Engineer PWD, once when the job notification was out, to be exact on December 31st,2019.

The major recruitment process till publication of ranked list happened after about 2 years, in April 2021. The candidates went through an above average examination of 100 marks, interview process of 20 marks and certificate verification procedures. Even after the examination itself, we were confident about the lionshare of ranked list. As anticipated, Civilianz grabs major ranks including First rank. Have a look into major achievements made by Civilianz in this Ranked list.

  • First Rank Holder, Sravan S., is from Civilianz.
  • First Rank in Assistant Engineer- PWD for Departmental Candidates exam is from Civilianz – Chithra C.
  • 6 out of First 10 Ranks in Assistant Engineer PWD is from Civilianz.
  • Almost 50% of the Assistant Engineer PWD Mainlist is from Civilianz.

Assistant EngineerIrrigation

Here is the list of winners from Civilianz in Assistant Engineer Irrigation Exam.

Recruitment for Assistant Engineer – Irrigation was also done in the same reign of Assistant Engineer – PWD. 2019 Passed out students were also eligible for the attending the exam. Objective exam was quite easy as compared to that of Assistant Engineer- PWD. Departmental Candidates also attended same exams, but they have separate ranked list apart from main stream candidates.

Just like Assistant Engineer- PWD exam, Civilianz managed to secure major ranks in this exam too. Majority of the candidates in mainlist is from Civilianz itself. Have a glimpse into our major achievements in Assistant Engineer- Irrigation exam.

  • 2 in every 5 candidates included in Mainlist is from Civilianz
  • 5 students included in top 15 rank
  • First rank secured in the category of Departmental Candidates – Greeshma V R

Junior Technical Officer

Junior Technical Officer in Kerala Financial Corporation is not a much awaited one as like that of Assistant Engineer. Only 20 students were included in Mainlist of Ranked list. A common exam conducted for Assistant Engineer PWD and Junior Technical Officer. Civilianz marked best results in Kerala for this exam too.Have a look into the milestones.

  • 7 students in Top 20 of ranklist is from Civilianz
  • Jithin J S, from Civilianz family managed to grab second rank in exam.
  • Third (Siveji) and Fifth rank (Reva Revu) holders are also from Civilianz.

Overseer Grade III- PWD/Irrigation

Overseer Grade III- PWD/Irrigation

Just like Assistant Engineer exams, the best results in state for Overseer exams is also from Civilianz and the classes are so designed in such a way that our courses are helpful for Assistant Engineer and Overseer level exams. Overseer Gr.III PWD/Irrigation exam was comparitively simple and it is considered as the one of top scoring exams conducted by Kerala PSC for Civil Engineering aspirants till date.

Have a look into the stunning achievements of Civilianz in Overseer Grade III – PWD/Irrigation Result

  • 6 students included in Top 20 ranks
  • Second rank holder, Nikhil Soman, is from Civilianz
  • One in each Three students included in mainlist is from Civilianz.


Training Instructor – Civil (SC-ST Development Department)

Training Instructor Civil is a teaching post. Aspirants who are fond of teaching job is best suited for this job. As usual Civilianz benchmarked the list with Top ranks including First Rank in this exam. Exam conducted in November 14th, 2019 and first advise made on second week of April 2021.

  • 5 ranks in Top 10 ranks.
  • First rank holder, Nithin A., is from Civilianz family.

Junior Instructor – Draftsman – Civil

Historic Results


A Junior Instructor is to worked with Instructors to help supervise in the trade. Once again Civilianz comes up with a remarkable result in the rank list of Junior Instructor Draftsman Civil.

  • First rank holder Nikhil Soman, is from Civilianz
  • First three rank holders are from Civilianz
  • 07 ranks in the first 10 are secured from Civilianz


Overseer – CIVIL – KAMCO

Legacy continues!!!

7 ranks in Top 10 of Overseer- KAMCO ranked list published today is from Civilianz!

We thank our entire team, faculty, students, parents for their seamless support for making this happen for all recent lists published by Kerala PSC.

Surveyor Grade II – Town Planning Department

Second ranklist published this year,
As usual Civilianz benchmarked the list with Top ranks including Second and Third Rank in this exam.


  • Civilianz bagged 8 ranks in Top 10 of Town Planning Surveyor Ranklist!
  • Sidharth A, from Civilianz family managed to grab second rank in exam.
  • Third rank Jesin Rajan is also from Civilianz

Historic Results in Assistant Engineer-Overseer Kerala PSC Exams

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