Candidates preparing for various civil engineering exams often find themselves on a quest for the best coaching centre that offers top-notch guidance. Experienced faculty, regular model tests, personal mentoring, best study materials and a track record of genuine results are some of the key considerations. Identifying a coaching centre that encompasses all these factors and is also affordable poses a considerable challenge. Enter Civilianz, the latest sensational trend in the realm of civil engineering coaching institutes in Kerala, located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, and Kozhikode, providing comprehensive solution to these critical aspects.

Civilianz stands out as the best coaching centre in Kerala that provides the top-notch coaching from basic to advance level for civil engineering competitive exams. Civilianz offer intensive offline as well as online coaching, for competitive exams including Assistant Engineer, Polytechnic Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Overseer, Tracer, Work Superintendent and SSC Junior Engineer, RRB Junior Engineer, ISRO Scientist Civil examination and all similar civil engineering competitive exams. Started in 2012, they contributed more than 5000 aspirants to Government Servants in Prestigious Departments like Kerala PWD, LSGD, Irrigation, Water Authority, Technical Education Department, Harbour Engineering Department etc.


Best Study Material for KPSC Civil Engineering Exams

Best Study Material for KPSC Civil Engineering Exams


While choosing an option for best competitive exam coaching centre, what makes Civilianz a unique option is:

Comprehensive classes with full syllabus coverage

Civilianz deploy detailed lesson plans, that is structured to align with the sequence and importance of topics in the syllabus, ensuring that each class contributes to the overall coverage of the syllabus. The students will be capable to confront any civil engineering examination despite the course that they opt in. Daily assessment tests are conducted to evaluate the understanding of students and to track their progress. Civilianz use performance data to identify areas of improvement for individual students and the class as a whole. It ensures that students come prepared with the topics taught in the last class. This is important to make sure that they work consistently for the exam.

Experienced faculty team

The subject experts are trained dedicatedly for civil engineering competitive exams, and are extremely knowledgeable, that they can easily break down even the most complex topics into something plain. They also provide high quality notes and study materials that helps the aspirants to confront an examination with utmost confidence. These high-quality notes and study materials serve as reliable companions throughout the preparation journey, ensuring that candidates are well-prepared to tackle a wide range of questions that may arise in the competitive exams. The combination of dedicated training, profound knowledge, effective communication skills, and the provision of top-notch study materials make them the best faculty team for aspirants preparing for civil engineering competitive exams.

Regular model tests

Regular model tests are held to evaluate the preparation levels of each student. This will give an opportunity for self-analysis to the students. The regular implementation of model tests not only serves as a comprehensive evaluation tool for students but also functions as a diagnostic instrument for educators. This two-fold approach ensures that both students and mentors are actively engaged in the continuous improvement of the learning process, ultimately fostering an environment conducive to academic success in civil engineering competitive exams.

Intensive work out sessions

Intensive workout sessions are known for their efficiency in delivering results within a relatively short time frame. Civilianz have their team in research mode for finding the level 2 questions which will cover the portions and questions exclusively for the students. This will help them in clearing even tougher questions. Cracking an exam always deals with the right time management and problem-solving skill. It can be achieved only by the regular work out of Previous Year Question Papers. A well skilled aspirant is developed through the flawless doing of a workout session.

Dedicated mentors for support

Student will be assigned a mentor who will monitor their progress. Assigning a mentor to students is a strategic and supportive approach aimed at enhancing their academic performance and overall learning experience. The mentor-student relationship is designed to be a valuable support system, ensuring consistent preparation for exams and providing a platform for addressing any queries or seeking additional assistance.

Study materials

Best Study Material for KPSC Civil Engineering Exams

Best Study Material for KPSC Civil Engineering Exams

Choosing the best study materials for Civil Engineering Competitive Exams can be a daunting task. Civilianz provides a one-stop resource hub for conquering the challenges of Civil Engineering competitions. They have curated a treasure trove of knowledge, strategies, and insights with their 8 publications to empower aspiring Civil Engineers on their journey to success.


Civilianz has established itself as a top-notch institute in providing exceptional results in Kerala PSC Civil Engineering competitive exams, achieving numerous first ranks in categories such as Assistant Engineer, Overseer, and other B. Tech and Diploma level competitive exams. They boast a proven track record of successfully transforming over 5000 aspirants into government employees within a short span of time. Civilianz recognises the diverse needs of aspiring students by offering flexible options of both offline and online classes and make sure that candidates can choose the mode of learning according to their schedule and preferences. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for working aspirants who may have time constraints, allowing them to intensify their exam preparation without compromising on their existing commitments. On the other hand, offline classes provide a traditional classroom setting for individuals who prefer face-to-face interactions with instructors and peers.

We in results trends 🔝


AE-PWD: 6 Ranks in first 10

AE- Irrigation: Two in every 5 candidates in Rank list is from Civilianz

AE-LSGD: One in every 3 candidates in Rank list is from Civilianz

AE-PCB: 56 Ranks in first 100

Junior Instructor: 7 Ranks in first 10

Overseer: 50% of the Rank list is from Civilianz




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