About 1 lakh crore is the amount allotted in 2019 by India for infrastructure.  This literally means civil Engineering, be it road, railways, cities, airports so and so. This much amount of infrastructure development means this much amount of job openings will be popping up in civil engineering sector.

The sector is one of the oldest Engineering sector, in-fact the oldest one, as you grow older in this sector, so as your experience, you will never get outdated like some other sector. During your four year engineering course the things you study is highly distinct. Say structural engineering, one among the many subjects you learn deals with the structural aspect of a construction, while geotechnical deal with the soil, transportation deals with roads, railways etc and environmental deals with water omgomg treatment, sewage treatment and so on. Just by this itself you can see how unique each section of civil engineering is to each other. In a nutshell this signifies about the opportunities that is in front of you.


What are your chances and where?

A Civil Engineering graduate mainly has following opportunities

  • Indian Engineering Service (IES)
  • Public Sector Undertaking (PSU)
  • Assistant Engineer and Junior Engineer job in government Sector
  • Establishing your own Construction firm
  • Site Engineering Job in Private Sector



Expected Salary in Each sector

Indian Engineering Service (IES) Starting Around 70,000 per month
Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) Starting Around 60,000 per month
Assistant Engineer in kerala PSC Starting around 40,000 per month
Junior Engineer Starting Around 35,000 per month
Site Engineering Jobs in Private Sector Lower limit can go upto 10,000 and higher upto 30,000
Higher Studies M.Tech with GATE, a Stipend of 12,400 per month


Indian Engineering Service (IES)

This is the top most level exam in the field of Civil Engineering which happen every year. Any Civil Engineering graduate can appear for this exam. This is the toughest level exam in Civil Engineering Sector


Public Sector Undertaking (PSU)

This includes the government controlled firms like BPCL, HCL, IOC, ONGC, NTPC etc. the job is highly prestigious. The recruitment of these jobs happen through GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) exam. This too happen in each year, though the GATE exam mainly is considered as the entrance exam for post-graduation in civil engineering, PSU recruitment too happen along with this exam based on the rank you acquire.


GATE 20222


Classification of PSU’s

Public Sector under taking companies based on their revenue and turn over, they are classified into three

  • Maharatna

The Maharatna Companies Are Those Companies That Can Raise An Investment Ceiling Of Rs. 5,000 Crore And Are Free To Decide On Investments Up To 15% Of Their Net Worth In A Project without taking any government approval. It is the top of the chart, there are 10 Maharatna in India, IOC, ONGC, BHEL etc are the few among. The salary package is between Rs 60,000 to 1,80,000.

  • Navaratna

The Navratna Companies Are Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) That Can Invest Up To Rs. 1000 Crore Or 15% Of Their Net Worth On A Single Project Without Seeking Approval From the Government. This comes secondary and has there are 14 Navaratna in India . REC, PGCIL, NHPC etc are few examples. Depending on the designation, the salary package will be between Rs 60,000 to 1,80,000

  • Miniratna

This comes third in which category 1 consist of 62 no’s and category 2 of 12 no’s. Miniratna Category 1 Companies are those which have made profits continuously for the last three years or earned a net profit of Rs. 30 crore or more in one of the three years. Miniratna Category 2 Companies are those which have made profits continuously for the last three years and should have a positive net worth. Depending on the designation, the salary package will be between Rs 40,000 to 1,40,000


Assistant Engineer and Junior Engineer jobs in government sector

Writing the respective exams of state or central government for Assistant engineer and Junior Engineer will fetch you jobs. What all departments are making recruitment, the graduates can apply. These exams might not happen every year. Details of the openings and chance in government sector in kerala is mentioned in detail later in this article.


Assistant Engineer Civil

Assistant Engineer Civil standard bundle

Establishing your own Construction Firm

This is something which requires certain amount of capital from your side along with your knowledge. Being your own boss is the best thing to do. Persistence and patience is the one you need to posses in this scenario.


Site Engineering Jobs in Private Sector

This is where majority of the civil engineering graduates ends up after graduation. May be through campus placement or through off campus drive.  Placement options available in core Civil Engineering Sector compared to their Streams like Computer science, Electronics and communication is minimal for B.Tech graduates. Few might manage  to get placed in civil sector, while some changes their career to IT sector after placement and a vast majority of Civil Engineering graduates awaits for proper core civil job. Jobs in private sector in Civil Field is challenging. Majority of the graduates end up in Civil Site Engineering jobs at a minimal pay. Looking forward to the off campus drive, graduates find their job.

Doing site engineering job in a multi-national company is always beneficial, while doing it in a small scale construction firm is all about gaining some experience for your next step, while some build a career through this path.

Sending your resume to construction companies around you is a simple first step you can take in your quest or attending off campus drives, this should happen only when you fail to obtain a job through campus placements.


Chances in Kerala Government Sector

But being a civil engineering graduate its always advisable to  find a State government or central government job, which is more secure and the opportunities is higher than any other Engineering streams.

The current ample amount of opportunity that awaits you in the field of Civil Engineering jobs in Kerala state government sector is mouthwatering.

There are different positions opened in front of you in kerala psc after civil engineering this include

    • Assistant Engineer in various Department across kerala
    • Overseer in various Department across kerala (here exams happen for Grade I, II and III)
    • Lecture post in  government Polytechnical
    • Tracer
    • Work superintendent
    • Surveyor .
    • Engineering Assistant

You might be confused about what all and how much is there for the taking. CIVILIANZ is here to explain these to you in proper manner.


civil engineering competitive exam books


Upcoming PSC exams for Civil Engineers

As you all know, notifications for Civil Engineering jobs in Kerala Exams like Assistant Engineer in LSGD, KSEB, Tourism, Pollution Control Board and Housing Board have been out for a sometime, along with these Assistant Engineers, plenty of overseer exam notification is out as well. And soon some major notification is to be expected. It’s harvesting time for Civil Engineering graduates in Kerala. Let’s now discuss about each openings in each departments and possible number of vacancies.

Let’s first start with the Assistant Engineer Examinations then to overseer of each department and finally to the notifications which is soon to be expected.

The first one to happen among all the published notification will be LSGD.  Assistant Engineer, Overseer Grade I, II and III are the ones coming to you. This is the department which tends to have the highest amount of vacancy among the rest. And many to follow along with that.




Local Self Government Department (LSGD) Assistant Engineer (125/2020)
Local Self Government Department (LSGD) Overseer Grade I (127/2020)
Local Self Government Department (LSGD) Overseer Grade II (324/2020)
Local Self Government Department (LSGD) Overseer Grade III (135/2020)
Kerala State Pollution Control Board (KPCB) Assistant Engineer (124/2021)
Kerala State Housing Board Assistant Engineer (128/2021)
Kerala State Housing Board Overseer Grade I (060/2021)
Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) Assistant Engineer (134/2021)
Kerala State Electricity Board Assistant Engineer (005/2021)
PWD/ Irrigation Overseer Grade I (483/2020)
PWD/ Irrigation Overseer Grade II (206/2020)
Kerala Water Authority (KWA) Overseer Grade I (481/2020)
Kerala Water Authority (KWA) Overseer Grade II (485/2020)
Kerala Water Authority (KWA) Overseer Grade III (244/2018)
Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation Overseer (068/2021)
Kerala Live Stock Development Board Junior Overseer (213/2020)
Technical Education Instructor Grade I (191/2020)
Kerala Land Development Corporation (KLDC) Overseer Grade III / Work superintendent II (037/2020)
Soil Survey & Soil Conservation (Thrissur) Tracer (399/2020)
Soil Survey & Soil Conservation Work Superintendent (498/2020)
Technical Education Engineering Assistant Grade III (204/2019)
Kerala State Land Use Board Planning Surveyor Grade II (504/2019)
Kerala Agro Machinery Draughtsman Civil (413/2019)
Universities in Kerala University Engineer (204/2021)
Universities in Kerala Assistant Engineer (206/2021)


These are the examination notification for Civil Engineering jobs in Kerala , which are out and soon to be expected. So you can see the enormous opening in front of you. And the pleasing part in this, few more openings are to be expected, this includes




Kerala Water Authority (KWA) Assistant Engineer
Town Planning Assistant Engineer
Technical Education Polytechnic Lecturer
Technical Education Assistant Professor


This is your time. Make use of it efficiently to move into a safer government sector job and learn from the best.


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