How to Crack GATE 2024???

How to Crack GATE 2024??? The Things you need to know

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, otherwise known as GATE, is an examination of the highest quality that an Engineering student needs to crack for the next step in their career or education. So are you one among that student? well if you are, then the rest is for you, only for you.

Let’s start the talk about Civil Engineering now, first of all, I have to tell you that along with Civil Engineering there are plenty of other engineering branches where GATE is mandatory for the next step, say Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering etc. among all this, in terms of syllabus vastness for GATE Civil Engineering comes second to Electrical Engineering but not the effort you needs to put in. Weightage distribution of each subject in Civil Engineering is almost uniform compared to Electrical Engineering where weightage is leaning highly on specific subjects. This make GATE Civil Engineering the toughest among the lot. We bet a handful of questions might be running through your mind now, no worries we are here to answer them all.

Let’s now elaborate with some questions first. This might be long, but trust me, it’s worth every penny.

  1. When is the right time to start preparing for GATE?
  2. Is it possible to crack GATE in my first attempt?
  3. How should I start studying for GATE?
  4. Which books should I refer for GATE?
  5. Priority order of subjects will be?
  6. What are the tips and tricks to follow while preparing for GATE?
  7. What are the effective ways of revision?
  8. What is a good score in GATE?


Before beginning to explain all these questions, there is something which you need to know in general about Civil Engineering GATE


GATE is an exam which is conducted by premier Engineering Institutions in India. They are the following



This time, GATE 2024 exam is conducted by IISc Banglore. The reason you have to know this is, each institution is known and famous for certain Civil Engineering Specializations. This to an extent helps you in realizing Subject wise question weightage.

Let’s now come back to those questions which you all eagerly waiting for an answer to How to Crack GATE Civil Engineering Examination??

1. When is the right time to start preparing for GATE?

GATE is a competitive exam which exclusively includes the things you learn in 4 years of your Engineering life. So, if you have a vision from the beginning in pursuing GATE, then the best would be to keep track of things you have learned from the first year of engineering till the last, making sure you don’t lose any of your engineering study material, however, you will only be able to appear in GATE exam for the first time during your sixth semester, that is the basic eligibility criteria.

Studying your core engineering subject promptly during your UG course is the right first step in preparation for GATE, which the majority of students struggle to do. The earliest realization to qualify for GATE comes to the mind of the majority during their final year. Assuming you are in the majority, then the first step you need to take should be to continue reading this article till the end.


gate 2022 book


2. Is it possible to crack GATE in my first attempt?

Of course, it is possible. It depends upon when your first attempt comes. If you are attempting GATE during your 3rd year or 4th year of engineering the things you need to do first and foremost will be, as I said before, to ensure that you keep all your study materials intact with you, along with that it is highly mandatory to get external guidance from someone, which brought you here in the first place. Or if you are outside engineering course studies and trying to spend a year totally for GATE, then also the answer would be the same, ie to get external guidance. Maybe a brilliant student will be able to open GATE without external guidance but to achieve heights in GATE, external guidance is highly recommended.

3. How should I start studying for GATE?

Now, let me direct on this, firstly let’s forget about what you do, whether you are an engineering student now or you are working or you are completely into GATE.

I am here assuming the fact that you are completely spending a year for GATE. In such circumstances how should you start studying will be the one that I will discuss here. As I said in the beginning, GATE is an exam conducted by premium Engineering institute in India, to compete with the competency the exam offers, you need to select a premium institute for your preparation and you have to learn from the best. That’s why CIVILIANZ is here for you. The key to open the GATE is with us and we will gift wrap it. You just have to earn it from the best institute for GATE Civil coaching in Kerala.

Step 1

Now we move into Civil Engineering syllabus. Though the exams deal with the 4 engineering years you had, there are things from your UG syllabus which are not included in the GATE Civil syllabus, there might be things which got recently updated or sometimes there will something in the GATE syllabus which you missed in you engineering since you choose some other elective subject. So, knowing the syllabus will be the first step.

Step 2

Know the weightage of each subject for the GATE Civil exam. Along with that, it is important to know how vast is each subject and the vastness to weightage ratio also needs to be known which helps in effective and smart preparation.  The below pie chart shows the weightage of each subject which is prepared by our expert panel based on the questions that appeared In the Last decade of the GATE exam.


subject weightage gate civil


Now you have an idea about the mark weightage of each subject. The next thing to look into is the weightage vastness ratio. For this, our expert panel has standardized a certain vastness numbers for each subject based on the number of topics included in that subject in the GATE Civil Engineering syllabus. The below table investigates this.


Subject Weightage of mark Vastness Weightage/Vastness Ratio
Engineering Mathematics 12 5 2.40
Hydrology 2 1 2.00
Irrigation 1 0.5 2.00
Mechanics & Strength of Materials 7 2 3.50
Geotechnical Engineering 13 3 4.33
Transportation Engineering 8 3 2.67
Environmental Engineering 12 3 4.00
Fluid Mechanics 10 2 5.00
Structural Analysis 5 2 2.50
Reinforced concrete Structure 5 2 2.50
Steel Structures 3 2 1.50
Surveying & Geomatics 5 3 1.67
Construction Materials and Management 2 1 2.00


Let me make the table simple for you, what the table suggests is that, priorities the subject based on the weightage to vastness ratio, more is the ratio, then more should be the time spent on studying that subject. Or this simply means if you spend wisely your study time on certain subjects you would be able to score high marks in the GATE exam.

So now you must be thinking, why do I say this? Why I told about filtering out and prioritizing subjects rather than telling us to study the entire civil engineering syllabus properly? It’s quite natural for every student to think like that, but let me tell you one thing, the exam is tough. If you score 60 out of 100, mark my words your rank would be in 3 digits. That much is the toughness level of this exam. No one can score a 100 mark in this, not a 90, maybe not even an 80. So just leave out the idea of scoring a 100, this will end up in a considerable amount of negative marks. Only 20% of people will qualify GATE among all the students who appear for the exam. Just remember that 25-30 is the mark range that is usually required for qualifying for the exam.

So these are the two steps which any GATE aspirant needs to prioritize at the start of preparation. This is the first ball cover drive against GATE.


4. Which books should I refer for GATE Civil?

If you are studying by self-preparation, apart from your UG study material, try collecting standard textbooks for each subject and start your work, but mind you, textbooks are vast and not filtered according to the gate requirement. This method of study will be successful, but it consumes more than double the time you spend in CIVILIANZ because a coaching institute provides classes to maximum precision and to the point for GATE.

Now let us explain systematic coaching, this is highly recommended because everything needed for GATE is provided in plate, what to study, what not to study, which subject to focus on which chapter should be concentrated more on, which one should be left, chapter wise mock test, subject wise mock test, complete mock test, literally everything related to GATE preparation comes under one umbrella. So in CIVILIANZ, there is no necessity to study textbooks, which would be recommended only when you have done the rest of things right. This simply means, by studying CIVILIANZ materials along with regular attendance in our class, cracking the GATE exam will be a piece of cake.


5. Priority order of subjects for GATE Civil will be?

Subject priority should be fixed in reference to the weightage to vastness ratio mentioned above, but remember one thing, subjects like structural analysis, no matter how much you study, IIT’s can bring up questions which you would fail to do. If you study 100 questions from structural analysis, then there will be a 101st question with a different concept to get you. So, focus on subjects which have considerable weightage as well as the one which are not that complex

A good GATE ranker will never skip subjects like Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Engineering Mathematics which constitute about 50% of the mark.  A wise GATE ranker will exclude a considerable portion from Steel, Building Materials, the high-level concept of Structural Analysis, and Strength of Materials.

So, effective preparation is not about mugging up everything. It’s about smart preparation. Realizing what to study and what not to.


6. What are the tips and tricks to follow while preparing for GATE?

In This exam, there will be plenty of things to remember like lots and lots of formulae, standard values, concepts and so on. Following are the tips and tricks to follow while doing GATE preparation

  • Mix up distinct subject while you study. Don’t try to complete one subject and then move to other and then another. Study multiple subjects at a time

  • Keep key notes and sticky notes across your study room with important formulae and standard values, this will help you in easy remembering

  • Prepare notes in such a way that you use multiple color inks to write. This helps in catching the important point quickly especially when you revise.

  • Attend chapter wise as well as subject wise mock test along with your preparation and don’t wait for finishing up the studies and then writing test. Attend tests along with your study. Overall mock test can be kept at last.

  • Regularly interact with fellow competitors, especially the one who works harder and the one’s who you think are the rank makers

Following these tips and tricks during your GATE preparation


7. What are the effective ways of revision?

Revision should be started along with your preparation, suppose you study 3 chapters from geotechnical on your first day, and you then decide to mix up subjects by starting strength of materials on the second day, so when you start your third-day preparation in geotechnical before you start with 4th chapter, revise the first three which you have done on the first day. This strategy has to be maintained throughout your preparation.

After you complete your entire preparation, give at least one month or preferably 2 months for revision alone before the GATE examination and constantly writing mock tests. This is an effective way revision for the GATE exam.




8. What is a good score in GATE Civil?

This depends on the toughness of the paper. But I can say that anything above 60 will get your rank in three digits for sure. And usually, a gate score between 25 and 30 is the range in which qualification or cutoff lies.


Why not CIVILIANZ, looking into our track record for GATE, this is the right place you want to be for opening the GATE. CIVILIANZ is the top coaching center for GATE in Kerala for Civil Engineering. And one among the top in India.


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