PWD DEPT – OVERSEER GRADE I SHORTLIST OUT!!! – (Direct Recruitment from among Second Grade Overseers/Draftsman, Clerks, Typist, Typist – Clerk and Confidential Assistants of Public Works Department only)

Cat No: 744/2021

Number of Candidates in the Main List: 35

The following is the Probability List containing the Register Numbers of candidates who are found provisionally eligible to be included in the Ranked list, subject to the verification of the Original documents, for selection to the post of I Grade Overseer/ I Grade Draftsman (Civil) (Direct Recruitment from among Second Grade Overseers/Draftsman, Clerks, Typist, Typist – Clerk and Confidential Assistants of Public Works Department only) – STATEWIDE (Category No. 744/2021 ) in Public Works Department on Rs. 37,400 -79,000/- on the basis of the OMR test held on 15-06-2023.





Inclusion of Register Numbers in this list is purely provisional subject to scrutiny and admission of application on absolute basis. Inclusion of Register numbers in the Probability List does not confer any right on the candidate for inclusion in the Ranked List

The list has been prepared by including the number of candidates who have secured top marks in the OMR Test.

35 (Thirty Five) candidates who have secured topmost marks marks in the OMR examination are included in this Probability List. The marks secured by the last candidate is 47.67 ( forty seven (point) six seven)

The Probability List is prepared based on the details furnished by the candidate in the application for the post and subsequent claims made will not be entertained at any stage

Candidates included in the Probability List should present and produce in person the original documents for One Time Verification. Date, time and Venue of OTR Verification will be published in due course.

The register number of candidates who do not produce the required documents within the prescribed time limit and whose application found otherwise defective will be deleted from the Probability List without further notice.

According to the existing procedure, revaluation of answer scripts is not allowed but answer scripts can be rechecked after the publication of Ranked List. Detailed instructions will be published in the Ranked List to be published for the post.

Copy of answer scripts of the OMR Test held on 15-06-2023 will be issued to those candidates who, apply for the same remitting the prescribed fee after approval of the Ranked List. Candidates whose Register Numbers are invalidated are advised to refer to Notification No :ERVI(2)3784/2023/EW dated 17.11.2023


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