Unlock for Engineers/Supervisory Officers

Unlock for Engineers/Supervisory Officers

In the  Triple Lockdown areas, construction involving migrant workers have been permitted. Workers should not be brought from outside the State to work in plantations. Workers should be allowed to stay at their place of work.  At present, the Engineers/Supervisory Officers are not being permitted to go to such construction sites or go to the construction management offices to collect wages, etc.  In this situation there is a lot of indiscipline and disorder in the construction sites.

Therefore, Engineers/Supervisory Officers shall be permitted to travel from their residences and go to the construction sites, even to go to the offices, and return back to their homes.  Permission or Passes (even physical Passes) from the Police Stations for Engineers/Supervisory Officers. These are stated in Order of DGP & STATE POLICE CHIEF, KERALA issued on 20.05.2021 regarding Unlock for Engineers/Supervisory Officers. Original order given in the link below.




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