KWA AE is one of the most anticipated post for Civil | Chemical | Mechanical Engineering graduates in Kerala. Since graduates from three Engineering disciples are competing for the post, the exam becomes a most coveted one to crack and one of the most anticipated for all three branches. The exam was notified by Kerala PSC on the first week of 4th of May,2022 and the last date to apply for the post is 8th June 2022.

Civilianz announcing the best coaching classes for Kerala Water Authority Assistant Engineer exams. Classes are conducted as a classroom program at the Learning Centre of Civilianz at Thiruvananthapuram.

Direct batch for Assistant Engineer exams will be commencing on 2nd June 2022. We are excited as – you are to welcome our students back to our Classrooms!!

The features of our Direct classes include:

Direct Intensive study sessions

Tired of the long online lectures in  your own chair at home? We are back in  classrooms and welcome you to feel the intensive study sessions we arranged here. Faculty and peer group is ready here for you to light  the fire of competition inside you. You will get direct support from faculty and mentors throughout the course duration.

Faculty Support

What makes Civilianz unique is : OUR FACULTY TEAM! We have a well refined set of faculty who are the masters in Civil Engineering competitive exam coaching. We mold our  faculty set through a  continuous process of feedback refinement and student appraisals. This is the same team that  made 10 first rankers and more than 3000 rankholders in recent Civil Engineering PSC exams. This is a life time opportunity for every candidate to get trained by the very best team in Kerala for Civil Engineering competitive exams.

Classes by an expert team of faculties ensure quality teaching and learning. Classes are taught from a very basic level and we ensure that each and every student in the class  benefits.

Mentor support

A dedicated mentor will be available throughout your course duration for supporting and mentoring you in your tough times. We will take care of your emotions, laziness and everything else and support you in the tough process of competition.

The Competition will feel lighter with our dedicated mentors cum friends!

Motivational and Talk with Topper Sessions

Hearing from the previous winners itself is a motivation! We will arrange regular talk with topper sessions in which previous rank holders in various exams will come to you and assist you in your preparations. They will guide you and share their experience stories, study tips, preparation strategies etc. which will surely add up the much needed motivation for you!

Daily Assessment Tests

Taking mock tests does play the main role in cracking exams. We ensure and assure your competency level will be upto the mark with the daily assessment test.

Daily assessment tests ensure that students come prepared with the topics taught in the last class. This is important to make sure that they work consistently for the exam.

Pre recorded Classes of  Mechanical Engineering & Chemical Engineering

The batches focus on the complete portions for KWA Assistant Engineer. Although the class covers Civil Engineering portions in direct mode and Pre recorded classes of Mechanical Engineering & Chemical Engineering in online mode exclusively for the  KWA exam are available in your bundle. 

Workout Session

Worrying about the question pattern and toughness of questions in latest exams?

Don’t worry! We will cover it for you!!! We have our team in research mode for finding the level 2 questions which will cover the portions and questions exclusively for our students. This will help you in clearing even tougher questions and sometimes GATE level questions too!

Cracking an exam always deals with the right time management and problem solving skill. It can be achieved only but the regular attending of Previous Year Question Paper . A well skilled aspirant is developed through the flawless doing of a workout sessions.

Active study circle

Combined Helping Hands plays a role in each step,where every question and answer are cleared with its appropriate explanations. Civilianz gives you the right choice of improving your skills and brushes your weakness through the right attention from the faculty members . Active study circle and PYQ Discussion sessions will help you in covering almost every concept which have potential to be asked in Assistant Engineer exam.

Printed Study Material

A study material is much necessary in your preparation. We have it for you in the form of an MCQ Book. This book covers almost all questions solved and categorised chapterwise under each subject classification. This question bank covers more than 10000 questions which still remains one of the best study material for Assistant Engineer Exam preparation.


Batch Details:

The features of this batch include:
✅ More than 600 hours of lectures
✅ Comprehensive syllabus coverage
✅ Faculty support
✅ Talk with topper sessions
✅ Daily assessment tests
✅ Regular Model Tests
✅ Shortcut Memory Tips
✅ Motivational Sessions
✅ Personal Mentoring
✅ Active study circle
✅ Workout sessions with higher level questions

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Why Direct Classes?

 Some of the additional privileges in Direct classroom courses are:

  • Promotes collaborative learning

Classroom environments promote and stimulate a dynamic known as collaborative learning. Collaborative learning translates into a type of learning in which the pairing or grouping of students is required to complete a task or to come to a specific outcome.Usually, when a student takes one training course, he/she will get the material presented verbally & sometimes with the help make Power Point Presentation or other similar visual aids.

  • Develop organizational skills

Traditional classroom settings teach students how to develop organizational skills, beginning with the basics, such as arriving at  classroom on time. In a live classroom, students are held accountable for being prepared to do school work, which includes having done their homework the night before, being ready for pop quizzes and being prepared for in-class discussions. In effect, students learn how to organize their time, prioritize their assignments and get their homework done. In this way Students  will be more up to date in the classes. Through this organizing skill they can develop certain qualities like Hardworking,Punctual,Dedicated and Obedient.

  • Regular revision

It Simple that everybody will not be  able to remember everything as the Capability of each student in the classroom varies  that the faculty, will be summarizing the topics taught earlier in the class, and also will be asking questions and conduct daily tests, the students will always try to come prepared with the subjects taught.

  • Improve competitive skills

When in a classroom, students get to understand their pace and can compare with that of other students in the class. This can help and motivate them to work hard and push their own Barriers.

  • Improve problem solving skills and time management

To succeed in distance learning programs, students must properly manage their time, devoting a specific amount of time each day or a few times a week to studies only. Creating a daily schedule allows students to monitor the time spent on distractions and can provide students with a study schedule to prevent them from falling behind.A classroom environment will promote group studying and improve the problem solving skills of students as they come across different types of questions given by the faculties. This also improves their speed and accuracy in solving problems.

The direct classes improve the overall efficiency of learning and preparation.

The duration of the class will be from Six to Seven months with approximately 600+hrs of classes. 

Only Vaccinated students are allowed in the classes. As social distancing is a must, the number of seats is very much limited!!

Book your seat at the earliest and head start your preparations!!

Work smart with Civilianz!!

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