Civilianz, the premier Civil Engineering Coaching Centre in Kerala, proudly presents the VAJRA Course—a comprehensive bundle designed for various civil Engineering competitive exams. Tailored for Assistant Engineers, Junior Engineers, Overseers, ISRO Scientists, SSC JE aspirants, Technical Assistants, Tracers, and more, this course provides an all-in-one solution.

Accessing this course is easy—simply visit the Civil App or website.

Key Highlights:

  • Pre-recorded Videos:

With over 800 hours of updated pre-recorded classes, this bundle allows you the flexibility to watch the classes at your convenience, multiple times if needed. The videos are categorized by chapter and topic wise, and complex subjects are explained through animated video content for better comprehension.

  • Assessment Test:

Each topic is accompanied by an assessment test to help you to practice expected questions from the respective topic, boosting your confidence and reinforcing your understanding.

  • Test Series:

Eight types of test series

AE test series
NIMI book Test series
Overseer Test Series
Free Overseer Mock Test Series
SSC JE Civil Full Length Test
SSC JE Civil Subject wise
Mixed Subject Test- SSC JE
ISRO Test Series




  1. AE Test Series:
    13 sets of previous year question papers with detailed explanations, including mixed subject tests and full-length tests. This bundle comprises a total of 271 tests at the AE level.
  2. SSC JE Test Series:
    For students preparing for the SSC JE exam, will have access to 20 full-length tests, 40 subject-wise tests, and 40 mixed subject tests following the Tier 1 exam pattern, all with comprehensive explanations.
  3. Overseer Test Series:
    For Overseer exams, the majority of questions are sourced from the NIMI Text Book. This bundle includes handpicked questions with detailed explanations, totaling 61 subject-wise tests. Students can access these under the NIMI Test Series label within the Vajra Bundle. Additionally, 15 previous year question papers for Overseer exams have been included, providing students with a total of 1500 questions from this session.
  4. ISRO Scientist/Technical Assistant Test Series:
    This series encompasses 17 AE/JE level exams and 18 Overseer level exams conducted at an All Kerala level. By engaging with these video classes and practicing this extensive set of questions, you will grasp nearly all subject areas. It will also aid in enhancing time management and memory retention skills.
  • Rank Booster Question Paper Solving Session:

In addition to the main content, you’ll have access to rank-enhancing questions from various AE-level exams and other related tests. This prepares you for higher-level questions, increasing your chances of achieving a higher rank. Rank making questions and questions from GATE & IES Level questions are included.

  • Study Material:

Handwritten lecture notes, subject-wise, aid in reference and revision. These notes, available in e-Book format, along with that student will also get the MCQ book, meticulously crafted by subject experts, offer valuable resources for exam preparation. This book can be shipped to any location within India.



  • Non-Technical Classes:

For exams like SSC JE and RRB JE, non-technical subjects like General Awareness, Aptitude, and Reasoning are included. Similarly, for ISRO Scientist exams, relevant engineering maths portions are incorporated.

  • Quick Revision Class:

For last-minute revision, concise 4-hour quick revision classes covering important subjects are provided in the bundle. It will help students to revise their last minute study.

  • Study Plan:

A detailed study plan is provided to help you organize your study schedule efficiently, ensuring all topics are covered within the allotted time.

  • Discussion Board:

A discussion board is available for clearing doubts, with expert responses provided within 24 hours.

  • Mentor Support:

Throughout the course, expert mentors provide guidance and support, addressing your doubts and providing clarity beyond the discussion board.

  • Offline Download:

Students facing network issues can benefit from offline downloads, ensuring uninterrupted access to course materials.

Civilianz, The Best Civil Engineering coaching center in Kerala, offers this exceptional bundle to elevate your preparation. Seize this opportunity, work diligently, and aim to secure a prominent position in various Civil Engineering exams within a year.




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