Finally the wait is over!!

Direct Batch For AE-Civil and Polytechnic Lecturer has Commenced on 31st August 2022!!

CIVILIANZ the Best Civil Engineering Coaching Centre in Kerala  is back with the Direct classes at our Capital City

The Direct Classes are commenced on August.

The features of Direct classes include:
✅ Direct Contact classes
✅ Faculty support
✅ Talk with topper sessions
✅ Daily assessment tests
✅ Regular Model Tests
✅ Shortcut Memory Tips
✅ Motivational Sessions
✅ Personal Mentoring
✅ Active study circle
✅ Workout sessions with higher level questions

The Session also includes ONLINE PRE-RECORDED Classes for:
📌 Polytechnic Lecturer Part A portions
📌 KWA-based Mechanical & Chemical syllabus


  • Direct Contact classes

One to one interaction with Teachers and Mentors is acheived through direct interactive classes.

  • Faculty support

Expert panel of faculties assures the students,  a quality experience in learning. The subjects are covered from the exam point of view and every student joining us can learn the concepts from its roots.

  • Daily Assessment tests

Assessment tests of daily taught topics will help students analyse their every day preparations.This is important to make sure that they work consistently for the exam.

  • Regular Model Tests

Regular model tests are held to evaluate the preparation levels of each student. This will give an opportunity for self-analysis to the students and this also helps the faculties and mentors in providing extra care to the weak students.



  • Shortcut Memory Tips

As there is so much to learn and keep in mind, it is good to make use of shortcuts or small tips or codes for remembering certain things. Such tips will be shared in the classes.

  • Personal Mentoring

Each student will be assigned under a Mentor who will monitor his/ her performance. The respective mentor will ensure that student is consistently preparing for the exam. The student can approach the mentor for any help or extra care in any subject.

  • Active study circle

Study circle is also a part of the course where previous question papers will be discussed along with detailed explanation.

  • Motivational Sessions

Motivation, both intrinsic and extrinsic, is a key factor in the success of students at all stages of their education, and teachers can play a pivotal role in providing and encouraging that motivation in their students.



  • Workout Session

Exams cannot be cracked by theory classes alone. You need to work out the question varieties from each topic.

Worry not, We have sorted it out for you!!! We have our team in research mode for finding the level 2 questions which will cover the portions and questions exclusively for our students. This will help you in clearing even tougher questions and sometimes GATE level questions too!

Cracking an exam always deals with the right time management and problem solving skill. It can be achieved only but the regular attending of Previous Year Question Paper . A well skilled aspirant is developed through the flawless doing of a workout sessions.

  • Printed Study Material

A good study material will boost your preparations. We have it for you the Best Selling Civil Engineering Competitive publications of all time. The CIVILIANZ MCQ book covers almost all questions solved and categorised chapterwise under each subject classification. This question bank covers more than 10000 questions from which majority are asked for Kerala PSC Civil Engineering exams.



Benefits of Direct Batch


In the classroom, teachers can pull students into collaborative learning projects. They can learn from one another, build on each other’s ideas, and produce better final results than they would achieve learning on their own. While online educators try to encourage collaboration, without being together in the classroom physically, students struggle to collaborate well.


When a teacher teaches students in-person, they are able to modify their teaching style and instructional methods based on the student’s needs. If a student isn’t catching on, the teacher can quickly intervene, changing the direction of the instruction or using a different technique to capture that student’s interests. The immediate feedback available in the classroom can’t be replicated in an online environment. For students who need a little extra help, this is a major benefit.


In a classroom environment, students are encouraged to think critically. Group discussions allow ideas and thoughts to build on one another. Debates and discussion give students the chance to explore their ideas, think critically about them, and communicate them with their teachers and classmates. These types of discussions are harder to replicate in an online environment.


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The direct classes improve the overall efficiency of learning and preparation.

The duration of the class will be from Six to Seven months with approximately 600+hrs of classes. 

Only Vaccinated students are allowed in the classes. As social distancing is a must, the number of seats is very much limited!!

Book your seat at the earliest and head start your preparations!!

Work smart with Civilianz!!

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